Risk of an American Recession

The potential for an American recession has increased with the Federal Bank’s interest rate hikes over 2022 and, it’s negative impact on share prices. This makes it likely that the American economy will experience a recession during 2023. If we look at the bond market, which usually provides the best indicator, then the market has… Continue reading Risk of an American Recession

Where’s the representation?

Our Managing Director – Matthew Jones – recently wrote an article for Dynamic Business about the under representation of Indigenous executives within Corporate Australia. We’ve included a few key extracts: A recent Minderoo Foundation report found that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold less than one per cent of all executive and senior positions within Australia. Indeed, this… Continue reading Where’s the representation?

Coal and Gas Price Caps

The Federal government announced on Friday, 9 December that they intended to introduce legislation to impose a cap on coal and gas prices. Something that will be welcome news to most Australian households, that are feeling the squeeze from high interest and inflation rates. A price cap simply establishes a rate or price to be… Continue reading Coal and Gas Price Caps

Automation and You.

My next topic is about automation or the use of technology to complete a process or procedure with little to no human effort. Automation promises a world of higher productivity, greater efficiency, flexible work environments and convenience. Doesn’t it sound great? A McKinsey Global Institute report, called ‘A future that works: Automation, Employment and Productivity’,… Continue reading Automation and You.

Thoughts on the budget and consumer sentiment.

On 25 October, the Federal Labor government handed down their first budget since gaining office in May. While the government was at pains to stress that the budget’s intention was to highlight the state of the nation’s finances. The treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers, also an alumni of my undergraduate alma mater Griffith University, started proceedings… Continue reading Thoughts on the budget and consumer sentiment.

Top 5 issues that could impact your business in 2022.

Date With the Christmas and New Year holidays rapidly fading onto our collective memory, (much like the chances of the English cricket team challenging for the Ashes!), we at Malu decided to identify the Top 5 issues that could impact your business this year. While we make the standard disclaimer that our information is general… Continue reading Top 5 issues that could impact your business in 2022.

The importance of Trust.

Welcome to Matt’s Blog and the first topic that I want to address is that of trust in business. This might seem like a strange topic for a management consulting firm but stay with me.