Australian Government’s Tax Reforms Hit Parliamentary Roadblock

In news that will not surprise any readers of this blog, but the federal government’s plan to overhaul the tax system for the offshore gas industry have encountered significant delays in parliament. Indeed, we first spoke about the suite of changes in an article last year. The government wants to modify the Petroleum Resource Rent… Continue reading Australian Government’s Tax Reforms Hit Parliamentary Roadblock

The Spanish Solution

The Reserve Bank of Australia has again paused on raising the official cash rate leaving it unchanged from 4.10 %. In his statement on Tuesday the RBA governor Phillip Lowe stated that he expected Australia’s CPI inflation “will continue to decline, to be around 3.5% by the end of 2024.” An observation by senior APAC… Continue reading The Spanish Solution

Labor considering a gas tax hike

Perhaps the federal government has identified a shift in public sentiment, as it is likely that they will impose a tax on the windfall profits of gas producers during the May budget. Which speaks to how confident the Albanese government is in its popularity within the electorate, considering the scarring from the Mining Tax experience… Continue reading Labor considering a gas tax hike

Coal and Gas Price Caps

The Federal government announced on Friday, 9 December that they intended to introduce legislation to impose a cap on coal and gas prices. Something that will be welcome news to most Australian households, that are feeling the squeeze from high interest and inflation rates. A price cap simply establishes a rate or price to be… Continue reading Coal and Gas Price Caps