The Great Australian Dream

Australia has found itself within a well publicised cost of life crisis due to rising food, energy and housing costs that are stretching already frayed family and individual budgets. This issue has expanded to such an extent that it now dominates political discourse, influences demographic trends, and challenges the nation’s economic policies and of course… Continue reading The Great Australian Dream

Elephant in the Room

Shane Oliver has increased his probability of Australia entering a technical recession to 50 %, which means that the Australian economy must experience two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. Oliver identifies the key risk of entering recession stems from the lagged impact of mortgage rate rises, which has led to consumer spending falling as… Continue reading Elephant in the Room

The Spanish Solution

The Reserve Bank of Australia has again paused on raising the official cash rate leaving it unchanged from 4.10 %. In his statement on Tuesday the RBA governor Phillip Lowe stated that he expected Australia’s CPI inflation “will continue to decline, to be around 3.5% by the end of 2024.” An observation by senior APAC… Continue reading The Spanish Solution

RBA on hold again

A close up of the pause button on a remote control ** Note: Shallow depth of field

The decision by the Reserve Bank to keep the official cash rate on hold at 4.1 % on Tuesday, suggests that the Bank believes it has lifted them enough after 12 near consecutive rate hikes. They again paused to see if their tightening has started to rein in inflation. At face value their rate hikes have… Continue reading RBA on hold again

Hard Landing Ahead?

The relentless monetary tightening cycle by the Reserve Bank of Australia continued, despite economic growth groaning under the strain of prior hikes. Much like the Maroons piling on the pressure on the Blues in the State of Origin on Wednesday night. The economy is demonstrating classic signs of reaching a tipping point and a policy… Continue reading Hard Landing Ahead?

Is it time for a housing strategy?

Researchers have argued that Australia needs a national housing strategy to ensure that adequate housing is available to everyone in the country. Their report titled Towards an Australian Housing and Homelessness Strategy: understanding national approaches in contemporary policy, found that Australia’s incoherent and fragmented housing policies have become so unworkable that a circuit-breaker is needed.… Continue reading Is it time for a housing strategy?

Mortgage stress at new heights.

Mortgage stress has reached its highest level since August 2008, with 27.8% of mortgage holders being rated ‘At Risk’ by Roy Morgan following the recent RBA interest rate rise to 4.1%. Roy Morgan considers a borrower to be “At Risk,” if their mortgage payments surpass a predetermined level. This level is traditionally met when 25%… Continue reading Mortgage stress at new heights.

Cost of Living Pressure continues to rise.

Headline inflation picked up last month as energy prices jumped, while the underlying price pressures eased reducing the chances of another Reserve Bank rate rise in June. Consumer prices advanced 6.8% in April, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday, a rate higher than the 6.4% pace economists had expected, and the 6.3% reading… Continue reading Cost of Living Pressure continues to rise.

Time to leave the table.

On Tuesday the Reserve Bank of Australia lifted the official cash rate to an 11-year high of 3.85 per cent. The last time Australia experienced a similarly aggressive tightening of monetary policy was also when Ray Price or Mr Perpetual Motion led the Paramatta Eels to a Premiership.  Incidentally, this remains their most recent Premiership… Continue reading Time to leave the table.

Goodbye Low- & Middle-Income Tax Offset

This week we found out that more than 10 million Australians are facing a large tax rise. The tax hike comes from the removal of the Low- and Middle-Income Tax Offset (LMITO), which last year gave those with a taxable income of less than $126,000 tax relief of up to $1,500. The LMITO was paid… Continue reading Goodbye Low- & Middle-Income Tax Offset