Labor considering a gas tax hike

Perhaps the federal government has identified a shift in public sentiment, as it is likely that they will impose a tax on the windfall profits of gas producers during the May budget. Which speaks to how confident the Albanese government is in its popularity within the electorate, considering the scarring from the Mining Tax experience… Continue reading Labor considering a gas tax hike

RBA to pause in April

This week the Reserve Bank Board’s minutes were released from their meeting on Tuesday, 7 March. One of the key points from the meeting was that the Board only considered the case for a 25-basis point increase, discarding both holding interest rates or a 50-basis point increase. The minutes noted that “Members agreed to reconsider… Continue reading RBA to pause in April

What do the superannuation changes mean for you?

Last week we spoke about the superannuation discussion paper and, the options that were being looked at by the federal government. Unless you have been engaged in a social media detox, you should have heard that the Federal Government will introduce legislation to change the tax concession caps for superannuation contributions. While we will wait… Continue reading What do the superannuation changes mean for you?

Superannuation Discussion Paper

On Monday, the Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers released a superannuation discussion paper with the exciting name of “legislating the objective of superannuation.” The paper suggested that superannuation’s objective “is to preserve savings to deliver income for a dignified retirement, alongside government support, in an equitable and sustainable way”. To achieve this goal means that the… Continue reading Superannuation Discussion Paper

Case Study: PayPal

This continues my earlier piece on business strategy, now there are three main business strategies exist. A cost strategy such as competing on having lower prices than your competitors examples of that could include Aldi, Bunnings and Office works. Whereas, a differentiated product or service strategy means identifying a product or service that you could do… Continue reading Case Study: PayPal

Interest rates set to rise

The Reserve Bank of Australia (“RBA”) Board meets tomorrow and, it’s highly likely that the Board will raise the official cash rate by 25 basis points from 3.10% to 3.35%. If we look at the Board’s December decision to raise interest rates, they said the following. “The Board expects to increase interest rates further over… Continue reading Interest rates set to rise

Where’s the representation?

Our Managing Director – Matthew Jones – recently wrote an article for Dynamic Business about the under representation of Indigenous executives within Corporate Australia. We’ve included a few key extracts: A recent Minderoo Foundation report found that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold less than one per cent of all executive and senior positions within Australia. Indeed, this… Continue reading Where’s the representation?

Coal and Gas Price Caps

The Federal government announced on Friday, 9 December that they intended to introduce legislation to impose a cap on coal and gas prices. Something that will be welcome news to most Australian households, that are feeling the squeeze from high interest and inflation rates. A price cap simply establishes a rate or price to be… Continue reading Coal and Gas Price Caps